10 interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

The joys and delights of Valentine’s Day are celebrated in all the corners of the world. Things like bouquets, candies, and other gifts are exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Each year people renew their affection and companionship in February.

10 interesting facts about Valentine’s Day 2020

10 valentines day facts about valentines day - 10 interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

Here we have amassed ten interesting facts about Valentine’s Day, so take a look and get amused:

1. Valentine’s Day is the 2nd most celebrated holiday across the globe. Though it is not a public holiday in many countries yet it is celebrated on a larger scale. Secondly this day also stands as the second-most famous holiday on which cards are exchanged.

2. According to estimation men tend to spend more money than women on the festivity of Valentine’s Day, when it comes to purchase gifts men are many steps ahead than women. It is said that an average fortune spent by men on Valentine’s Day is $130.

3. On the occasion of 14th February almost 50 million roses are exchanged across the globe.

4. The buyer of flowers is men, 73% of men buy flowers on Valentine’s Day.

5. It is women who are the biggest buyers of cards of Valentine ’s Day, a hefty majority of women that means 85% of women purchase cards.

6. The number of women that buy flowers isn’t that high, only 27% of women tend to buy flowers.

7. There are fifteen percent of women who tend to give flowers to themselves.

8. On the joyful occasion of valentine’s day there are some amazing souls who purchase gifts for their pets, yes almost nine million people purchase gift items for pets.

9. Every year on Valentine’s Day, the Italian city gets more than thousand letters by the people, the letters are addresses to Juliet, because that’s where the famous characters of Shakespeare ‘Romeo & Juliet’ lived.

10. Each year Valentine’s Day makes the owners of stores sell thirty-six million heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates.

valentines day interesting facts - 10 interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

So these are some of the exciting facts about valentines day, the day of love, companionship, and appreciation. There is a phrase ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ there will be many who won’t be aware of the historical meaning of this phrase. Many moons ago young people used to draw a name of their beloved (Valentine) by a bowl and then that person had to get that name of his/her valentine on his sleeve for a whole week.

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