Funny Happy Valentine’s Day Messages Sms for Whatsapp

As Valentine’s day is coming ahead, a collection of hilarious and funny Valentine’s day messages will be a real treat for you. This bulk of funny words won’t just make your partner laugh instead if you are still single or any friend of yours who is single will find these messages a good dose of smiles and laughter.

The unique thing about these messages is that besides being comical, they have a sarcastic tone. So get ready for tagging these amusing messages to your partner, family, and friends and allow them to crack up.

Funny Happy Valentine’s Day Messages 2020

funny happy valentines day messages - Funny Happy Valentine’s Day Messages Sms for Whatsapp

Can you place a price tag on Love? If yes then I would prefer get it on sale.

If all you need is love and affection then what is the use of chocolates and cards?

I strongly disagree that love is blind rather it sees more that’s why it looks for all the expensive things on Valentine’s day.

All the singles has announced to celebrate a Valentines Day as an Independence day.

I love you truly that’s why I am not going to get anything for you, my love doesn’t depend on the things like roses, cards etc etc.

I love you the way It is affordable and less expensive

Food is my love I hope you won’t mind being a second.

My valentine’s day is a day to zzzZZzzZz.

On Valentine’s Day single THINK that couples are blessed and couples KNOW that single are lucky.

Are you single? No dear I am just romantically challenged.

Love is the name of that ocean where no safety measure can save you.

Love is a unity of two goofs.

Funny Valentines day Sms for Whatsapp and Facebook

funny valentines day sms for facebook status instagram twitter - Funny Happy Valentine’s Day Messages Sms for Whatsapp

For always staying in the springs of love you should never get-hitched.

My bestie is going to have a remarkable valentine’s day as he is going to accompany his x….. Box 360.

Your love has turned me into a murderer. I have murdered so many innocent flowers for you to please you.

You will be honored to know that you have gotten the privilege to be the only repetitive Valentine of mine.

How criminal, you stole my heart

I am so generous I am pleased to donate my heart to you.

My love! you filled my heart with joy and empty my wallet.

To me your beauty isn’t important I would continue to love you even when you will start aging.

Love is a disease only curable after marriage.

You want to be in love and you still want to stay wise? Go get the brain.

If love is the answer I wonder what the question will be?

A little confession in love can be injurious to your health.

Happy-Sappy Valentine’s Day.

Funny Happy Valentine’s Day Sms

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I guess this will be a sufficient dose for making you smile, what else could be the best gift for your Valentine than making him/her smile. It is so good to spread smiles amongst others. Buckle up for cracking up with the impressive collection.

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