Fun Facts Valentine’s Day Quiz

Discover More about Valentines Day with our incredible assortment of valentines Trivia Questions and Valentine Trivia Fun Facts. You may even try the Valentine’s Day trivia question and answers for children if you like a person and have a confusion connected to the way to start the conversation on a first date than it is possible to additionally use these fun facts Valentine’s trivia question as icebreaker Questions.

Fun Facts Valentine’s Day Quiz 2020

fun facts valentines day quiz - Fun Facts Valentine's Day Quiz

Q1. How many Cards are Exchanged on Valentine’s Day?

Q2. Why’s Valentine’s Day observed?

Q3. How is valentine’s day celebrated all Around the World

Q4. Valentine’s Day is___ on February 14th.

A. Rehearsed

B. celebrated

C. held

Q5. This is a favorite day for___ to get engaged.

A. enemies

B. spouses

C. sweethearts

Q6. It’s also a habit to send greeting Cards ___ valentines.

A. called

B. named

C. labeled

Q7. Sending valentines was ___ than sending Christmas cards.

A. traditional

B. popular

C. prestigious



A1. Approximately 144 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged

A2. There Are many stories which are connected with St Valentine’s Day but one of these there’s a famous story that states that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in remembrance of their”warrior Valentine” who had been murdered during 270 AD by the emperor Claudius II. He forbade the soldiers to marry since he considered that unmarried soldiers are braver and play far better compared to people who have wives and children left behind.

A3. Some People Today call it a lover’s day Also it will make feel as on Valentine’s Day people all around the world deliver greetings, Love messages, presents and other surprises to every other especially for their nearest and dearest.

A4. C

A5: C

A6: A

A7: B

It’s Been tradition for many of Us that do not have a vested interest in peddling romantic that, at the least — To slag off Valentine’s Day because a massive sickly con and its devotees because slobbering Morons duped into purchasing off-the-peg romance. Cynicism is your thing. And I Have more than enough of this to go around. So enjoy these valentine’s day quiz and fun facts and play this game with your loved ones.

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