Funny Valentines Day captions for Instagram

Love has to be in the limelight on Valentine’s Day, no doubt but the moments can be made funny, hilarious and unforgettable ones too. Everyone has his own opinion about anything, to some people Valentine’s Day is a love day, for some people it cannot be just confined to love somewhat it can be extended to fun too. Some love to laugh louder on this day with their loved ones and some like their own company.

Many like to plan at the very outset almost months before as how they are going to spend their valentine’s day; some plan special candle-light dinners, some go to the cinema together.

People have their way of revitalizing love and affection. Valentine’s Day should be filled up with peace, harmony, and love and indefinite fun and amusement should be the ultimate ingredient. Here we have massed some funny and hilarious captions for Valentine’s Day, so take a look and prepare to giggle

Funny Captions for Valentine’s day for Instagram

funny valentines day captions for instagram - Funny Valentines Day captions for Instagram

1. I almost love you madly.

2. I love you and will keep loving you though you are getting a bit fatty.

3. Valentine’s Day is a day that tests your patience every year.

4. We both are ugly so let’s be the US on this valentine’s day.

5. I would love to sink in the tub of love with you.

6. On Valentine’s day, you have to assure your partner that you love her more than you like pizza.

7. I would love to tolerate you till the last breath of mine.

8. What else can be given to your valentines day excluding ring, bouquets, chocolates, and other presents?

9. Valentine’s day is near getting ready to spread cheers.

10. You are allowed to tease me the way you want throughout your life.

funny valentines day status sayings captions - Funny Valentines Day captions for Instagram

11. You are my treasure I want to hunt you.

12. You are dangerous to my health you make my heart-beat skip.

13. I want to arrest you for the rest of your life and want to lock you up in the wed-lock with me, are you surrendering to be my valentine?

14. Let’s get blind; let’s be in love.

15. Life without you will be fried like the drink, so sizzle my life with your spicy presence in this valentines day.

16. On valentines day who feels the luckiest one? The restaurants.

For celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is not necessary that one has to be a couple or one has to be committed with someone special. You can enjoy the springs and sparkling of Valentine’s Day the way you want, your friends and family too can be your valentine, and you can have a great time by laughing out loud.

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Funny Valentines Day captions for Instagram

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By sharing these funny notes first, you will feel lighter and then you would love sharing them with your buddies, partner, colleagues and family members. Celebrate love and peace with whoever you want on Valentine’s Day and let’s make it an outstanding one by making them feel special in your way.

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