Funny Valentine’s Day one liner/ jokes/comics

Valentine’s Day too has to be spent with the element of fun, though romance is the primary ingredient of it. Laughter and smiles turn your moments into unforgettable ones, Valentine’s Day funny one-liners will be an excellent way to please yourself and to please others.

Love and affection is the notion behind Valentines Day; if a significant number of people celebrate this day, then there are also many who take it as a typical day or who want to have fun on that day. If you are amongst one and if you know someone in your circle who is a chill buddy then you can share these funny one-liners with them, or you can make them your status of Instagram or whats app too.

The glance at this collection of funny one-liners of Valentines day

Funny Valentines Day one liner - Funny Valentine’s Day one liner/ jokes/comics

1. In your smile, I saw a YES, and in your YES I can see my-self under debts shortly.

2. Since I started loving you, you have begun looking beautiful.

3. Is it my optical illusion or you are that beautiful?

4. If a painter loved his girl, he would love her with all her ART.

5. There was a romantic conversation going on when bulb said to switch ‘you are the one who turned me on.’

6. The purpose behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day is to torture the singles.

7. A squirrel was writing a letter to her girl-squirrel with a lovely note in the end ‘Forget-me-nuts.’

8. A boy bird promised his bird girl ‘my tweet-heart I won’t ever cheat you.’

9. I wonder if a boy octopus will propose a girl octopus how many rings he would have to buy?

10. I would get you a bouquet of each flower excluding Cauliflowers.

11. Valentine’s Day is a day like a typical day that is spent abnormally by normal people.

Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes and Comics

Funny Valentines Day jokes comics - Funny Valentine’s Day one liner/ jokes/comics

12. How about arranging cupboards on Valentine’s Day?

13. My heart and my wallet are all yours.

14. To me, Valentine’s Day is younger bro of Monday.

15. Valentines is a day on which many people rich and poor.

16. Will you be my valentine without scaling my richness?

17. I would love to be in love with my love.

18. ‘Love’ For the sake of love.

19. How brutal you are, you took my heart.

20. Valentine’s Day is a day that demands you to give compensation for the rest of the year.

21. A calendar is cheeky how many dates he has throughout the year; I wonder whom he will invite on valentine’s day.

22. Do you want to give your partner a breath-taking gift? Ok give him/her a treadmill

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So don’t just celebrate love, instead celebrate fun, excitement, smiles, and laughter too. Add some spice into dull and drab life with these sizzling collection of fun. A valentine day without laughter is a day wasted. There will be many who would agree that nothing will be more romantic than to have some hilarious time with the ones who are essential for you on this Happy Love Day.

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