Funny Valentine’s Day Sayings Texts for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Status

Marriage is considered the most special day of one’s life when two persons tie in a relationship together with a vow that they will be with another through thick and thin. That’s what makes a day of marriage so remarkable. Valentine’s day too is a significant day because at that day you choose your partner, on valentines day you tell your chosen partner how much he/she cares and how his/her presence in your life matters.

On Valentine’s Day, you tell your friends they are the reason there are smile and fun in your life. This day you once again renew your love by recalling the sweet memories.

Now without further ado let’s get to look these funny Valentine’s Day sayings that will make your day:

Funny Valentine’s Day Sayings

funny valentines day sayings - Funny Valentine’s Day Sayings Texts for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Status

1. Valentine’s day turns out to be an extortion day for men.

2. Will you be my cactus? I want to be stuck with you.

3. I happily celebrated Valentine’s Day, I sent her on shopping and watched my favorite show.

4. If you are single, then congratulations as the money in your pocket will be saved for sure.

5. Love is the only game in which no one loses.

6. On Valentine’s Day keep an eye on your man as men are like flames they can go in surroundings so don’t leave them unattended.

7. On valentine day decide finally with whom you are going to drive crazy throughout your life.

8. Valentine’s day renew your relationship by spending some pounds.

9. On this valentine’s day, I want you to do a ready steady apply to go with me on the beautiful voyage of my life.

10. Let’s not scale love on the mundane things and the parameters of richness, keep things simple and easy.

Funny Happy Valentines’ Day texts for Whatsapp, Facebook Twitter

funny valentines day messages whatsapp facebook status twitter - Funny Valentine’s Day Sayings Texts for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Status

11. Valentine ’s Day is a reminder, to either be thankful or feel cursed on the poor choice you made.

12. Valentine’s Day is the only day that makes you think sometimes it’s safe to be alone.

13. Is it only me who finds a valentine day ridiculous one?

14. You want me to be your valentines? Aww, bless your illusion.

15. Be my valentine, be my sunshine, be mine.

16. How dare you to not to be my valentine?

17. I can’t bring stars for you, but I can take you to the stars, would you like to be the valentine of an astronaut?

18. There are two kinds of people who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, the singles who do not want to be doubled and doubles who wish to be single.

19. Valentine’s Day is expensive for those who have money.

Make this valentine day 2020 something beyond than a typical Valentine’s Day celebrations, the laundry list of funny Valentine’s Day captions will be a good dose of fun for you and for the ones with whom you will share them, as one should never miss a chance to be happy and to make other happy.

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