Happy Valentines Day Crime Statistics

Valentine’s day is said to be the most alluring and special day that is supposed to be celebrated romantically. On this day people give chocolates, gifts, and roses to the special ones. Besides these lovely acts, there is something more that happens on valentines day, the important act of committing crimes.

Happy Valentines Day Crime Statistics

Happy Valentines Day Crime Statistics - Happy Valentines Day Crime Statistics

14th of February is an ultimate day of a crime spree for the creepy criminal minded people. The types of crimes that take place on valentines day are:

  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Murders

Lover robs the bank where his girl-friend worked

In Bradford National Bank branch a desperate and a fool-hardy lover robbed and snagged almost $26,000 to purchase a ring for his girl. The man named as Ramsey Fakhouri committed this crime on the same bank where his girlfriend used to work.

The florist was robbed by the robbers on valentines day

A florist in Huntsville was stolen by the robbers, he and his employee were tied up, and the icing on the cake is after tying them up when the robbers rushed towards the safe it was empty.

Kidnapping on valentine’s day

On Valentine’s day, two brutal boys Brett and Tom had kidnapped a man named as Ian Virgo, that person was poorly beaten by those two, all his body was covered with lots of wounds especially his leg and arms were severely injured. This incident took place in England.

The creepy ride was given to valentine day couple by the anonymous weird couple

In the year 2015, a girl named Erica Alonso along with her boyfriend were celebrating the festivity of Valentine’s Day. They happened to meet an unknown couple who offered them a ride home, and after availing the offer, they continued to hang out till morning. All of a sudden Erica and her man had a heated conversation, and Erica drove off, after that day she was never seen again. After her disappearance cops tried to find the creepy couple who gave them a ride but found no clue.

So such crimes that make no sense at all occur on valentines day when the rest are busy to celebrate the day of love and romance some irk-some souls are working in such criminal activities.

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