Happy Valentine’s Day games for Seniors

Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated not just by adults, but every age group celebrates this day in his style. Valentine’s Day also goes beyond the traditions of going to restaurants, exchange of cute gifts and presents, something is interesting done by seniors on valentine’s day.

Games played by seniors on Valentine’s Day

happy valentines day games for seniors - Happy Valentine’s Day games for Seniors

Certain fun-filled activities and games are and can be played by seniors on Valentine’s Day. Take a look and cherry-pick one of them for playing it with your partner on 14th February.

1. Newlywed Game

In this game questions are asked to the partners separately, you can make inquiries by your own such as ‘what was the color of her dress when you met the first time?’ Etc and then you will know if both of the partners have given the same answers.

2. Candy Bingo

In this game, candies are used as bingo-markers. Winner gets the Valentine candy. How about playing this with your beloved on this Valentine’s Day?

3. Name That Love Song

In this game, partners will be directed to guess the title of the song. Just play the music of any famous song and ask them if they know about the title.

happy valentines day games ideas - Happy Valentine’s Day games for Seniors

4. Valentine Pictionary

In this exciting game, the participant will be encouraged to draw phrases or words regarding Valentine’s Day; his team members will make a reckon about this such as love letter, etc.

5. Valentine charades

In this game, part-takers will be invited to act on the titles of the songs, yes romantic songs naturally, such as ‘my funny valentine’ etc.

6. Valentine’s Word Games

You will be able to find great ideas regarding word games related to Valentine’s Day. Before reading, Participants will fill in words. The fun rises to climax because the winner will be the one who will finish the puzzle first.

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So these are some of the favorite games played on a special day Valentine’s Day by the seniors. These adventurous activities double the fun. You will be able to spend your time most delightfully.

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