Happy Valentine’s Day history and details

Valentine’s Day has a fascinating history that comes with solid testimonies that love and to be loved is purely humanly. If you would peep into the flashbacks, then you would get to know about the story of St Valentine, who was a Roman priest and who was a sufferer. On 14th February in 270 CE he was martyred.

Valentine’s Day history and details

happy valentines day history and details - Happy Valentine’s Day history and details

Expressing love was considered forbidden

The priest sacrificed his life for prevailing love, during that era love was considered something taboo. The king of that time guillotined priest in 269 A.D. on the charges of holding illegal matrimonies of Roman soldiers.

The Catholic Encyclopedia states that there were three early Christian saints with the same name, a priest in Rome, a bishop in Terni and a third one was St. Valentine.  The surprising fact that is stated about them is that all the three were said to have been martyred on the date of Feb. 14th.

Saint Valentine is regarded as the primary sponsor of love today

Today 14th February is attributed as the day of love; Saint Valentine is considered to be a great supporter of love and Valentine’s Day has become the height of happiness for lovers. Who would have known in 270 CE that how deliberately and wildly love will be celebrated on 14th of February almost across the globe? The celebrations of Valentine’s Day vary from region to region, but yes few things hold the same significance such as the exchange of flowers and bouquets.

saint valentines day history - Happy Valentine’s Day history and details

So this is all about Valentine’s Day Origin, how it all started and how it has turned out to be in something amazing and surprising. It is considered a day that is not meant for youngsters and couples but for every single person who believes in the emotion of love no matter of what age he is of that is why kids sing songs at that day, exchange cards with one another. Gifts and presents wrapped in love and affection are given to the loved ones. It is a myth that even the birds get together that day for choosing their mate.

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