Happy Valentine’s Day in Japan 2020

Ages ago the acceptance of love was considered off-limits and inappropriate. In this era too some people find it offensive. Now when a valentine’s day is celebrated officially by the lover’s special arrangements are done in Japan. It is a big day not for the Japanese lovers but also for the shopkeepers who tend to make significant revenue on behalf of that day. Here we will discover how Valentine’s Day Celebration in Japan.

valentines day in japan - Happy Valentine’s Day in Japan 2020

Japanese only celebrate Valentine’s Day. Women do more for men on Valentine’s Day. Women buy beautiful presents for the beloved ones. Chocolates of all types come first when it comes to valentines gifts. The buyers of chocolates go on height when there is a valentine day in the pipeline.

How to say Valentine in Japanese


Women especially buy Honmei-choco and Giri-choco for men

There are specific reasons why these two chocolates are selected; the reason is quite interesting. Honmei-choco is given to him with whom you are involved. Women present this Honmei-choco to the ones with whom they are committed such as to boyfriends, husbands, and fiancé. The Giri-choco is given to those with whom you have just good speaking terms such as to colleagues, friends, etc.

A unique display of Valentine’s Day in Japan

Outside the shops, the shopkeepers display all the special symbols of Valentine’s Day to attract the customers. The heart shape kinds of stuff are what appeal the ladies most.

The sale of chocolates remains on a constant rise when a valentine’s day is near. The bakers and confectioners especially make heart-shaped cakes and pastries for this day as they know these remain in full demand.

Japanese woman buys presents gifts for the man

Unlike the western countries in Japan, it is a woman who actively buys gifts for her man. She receives the gift after 30 days, that means on 14th march from her man. Some chocolates are expected to be given to male friends only, and some chocolates are said to be given to the husband, boyfriend or husband-to-be.

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Happy Valentine’s Day in Japan 2020

Bouquets of roses, tulip and lilies are given to the loved ones

Flowers are believed to be the best expression of one’s feelings; it is provided on all the occasions to show how much someone is dear to you. Valentine’s Day is the day of confession, a confession that says yes you care, you love and you will be with your love till the last breath of your life. In Japan on this occasion woman purchases aromatic and alluring bouquets of lilies, tulips and roses.

Promises are strengthened on Valentine’s Day in Japan and to remind our selves that our lives rotate around those whom we love so deeply and to nourish that love we need to tell through different touching ways how much they are important to us. Love is peace so if love will spread it means peace will spread. This world desperately needs peace. So get some handful of chocolates and wrap them up with the warmth of your love and give it to him who is waiting anxiously for your confession.

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