Happy Valentine’s Day in Korea 2020

The day of Love ‘Valentine’s Day’ is celebrated almost in all the nooks of the world. The celebrations of Valentine’s Day are also held in Korea. This day is amongst the twelve love days that are celebrated in Korea on the date 14th of each month. The exchange of gifts beautifies the relationship; it makes you feel how special you are for someone. Whether you give a diamond ring or a bud of the rose, both of them are of equal value because the feeling behind the gift matters a lot, that particular feeling is the true essence of Valentine’s Day in Korea.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Korea 2020 – How Korean celebrate valentine’s day

Here we are going to highlight how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Korea.

valentines day in korea - Happy Valentine’s Day in Korea 2020

Women express their love by giving chocolates

In Korea, women express their feelings of love by giving chocolates to men. Usually, men are the receivers of gifts on Valentine’s Day and women get rewards in the form of gifts on a White Day in Korea that is held on 14th of March. Women spend a great time in malls and stores to get the excellent gift for Mr. Perfect.  On this day women purchase chocolates of various types and get them to pack in a beautiful packing so they can convey their emotions of love most impressively. Besides chocolate wallets, watches, tie, and studs and perfumes observed. The heart-shaped candies are considered a specialty of Valentine’s Day.

Stores exhibit the huge set-ups on Valentine’s Day

There are many stores in Korea that present the celebrations of Valentine’s Day by setting massive arrangements of this day outside their shops. Their main focus is on special chocolates like Ferrero Rocher and Twix.

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Happy Valentine’s Day in Korea 2020

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Preparations are prepared before seven-days of Valentine’s Day

In Korea the festivity and preparations of Valentine’s Day are held before a week, things like ornaments and jewelry, candies and sweets are the main items that are sold widely. There are some other gifts and presents too that are given to men on that day in Korea.

Valentine’s Day in Korea makes a huge sale

The day like Valentines though is not celebrated in a way it is celebrated in western countries, yet the convenience stores of Korea generate great revenue on Valentine’s Day. Huge majority of women show their love tendency to their desired person. For thi,s they shop various stuff from the shops that particularly display the valentines stuff.

So Valentine’s Day that brings joy to all the lovers worldwide. In Korea, the 14th of every month holds a special significance for lovers and people who are committed with one another. The Koreans women celebrate love by revealing what is in their hearts. Women also give bouquets to the ones for whom they keep special feelings in their hearts. Every lover has its own way of telling what is in one’s hearts for someone. Some are forward in expressing their sentiments others are bit shy but I guess love needs to be expressed through actions and words at the same time. This day can’t be avoided by all those who believe in love.

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