Happy Valentine’s day in South Korea

The celebrations and merriments of Valentine’s Day are slightly different from the ones that are made in the rest of the world. Though the decorations and sales of Valentine’s Day symbols are done in the same way, there are few other things that are different.

Valentine’s day in South Korea 2020

happy valentines day in south korea - Happy Valentine’s day in South Korea

In Korea, 12 love days are celebrated and amongst them, Valentine ’s Day is the one that is observed in the mid of each month in Korea, it means love is celebrated on the 14th of every month.

Amongst these love days of Korea Valentine’s Day is the popular one on which mega revenue is spent on its festivity. Besides it, White day grabs the attention of people whereas rest of the love days in Korea receive almost no attention.  

The holiday of Valentine’s Day solely concentrates on the concept of love, affection, and companionship. Relationships are like plants that need a consistent look-after, if you leave them unattended then but-natural they will fade away, same is the case with your terms with your relationships. How often you take care of them determines the life of those relationships, either it’s your girlfriend, wife family or friends. Each relationship deserves sunshine from your side. In this connection, valentine’s day and other love days direct you to nourish your relationships by expressing love most generously.

How People Celebrate Valentine’s Day in South Korea?

how people celebrate happy valentines day in south korea - Happy Valentine’s day in South Korea

In South Korea too people actively participate when it comes to renewing their love with their loved ones, they head up to the stores and wander in the grocery aisles for searching the best sentimental gifts for their loved ones. Flowers bouquets are the first choice of Koreans and let’s not forget the delicious heart-shaped candies and sweets that are packed in beautiful boxes are bought massively for showing love to the beloveds.

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Korean women purchases chocolates and convey this gift to men through this they show their affection, it is a tradition there that after one month men give presents and gifts to women. That is how the answer of love is given through the exchange of gifts.

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