Happy Valentine’s Day in USA 2020

Valentines is a widely celebrated holiday though-out the world. It all started from the sacrifice of St. Valentine who was a Roman Priest and who deliberately went against the orders of the king of that times ‘Claudius II’. He had restricted Roman men to not to get hitched during the war but St. Valentine went didn’t obey his order and performed the marriages of Roman men secretly. This rebel of St. Valentine resulted in a Valentine’s Day that invites you to celebrate love. For some years the interest in 14th February has been rising in the USA.

Happy Valentine’s day in USA 2020

happy valentines day in usa - Happy Valentine's Day in USA 2020

People of USA celebrate Valentine’s Day cordially, the preparations of Valentine’s Day start many days before because the enthused and ardent people about 14th February start looking for their desired restaurants for booking, shop for gifts for their loved ones.

Sale of flowers in USA

Like the other countries of the world, in USA too the sales of flowers go crazy. The flowers that make a massive purchase are carnations, Alstroemeria, lilies, tulips, and of-course Roses. Roses remain at the top it has 150 kinds amongst them red and pink roses are the favorite ones in USA on Valentine ’s Day.

Popular carnival in the USA

Valentine’s Day is a wildly famous festival in USA. People of USA very cordially celebrate this day, and wholeheartedly express their love and affection with their family, friends and of course the special ones. People understand the value of love and companionship as it strengthens the relationships. The first Valentine’s Day card had gained enormous popularity as it had an embossed paper lace.

Valentine’s Day is the biggest card-giving festival in the USA

14th February has been commercialized so much in the USA, on this occasion Valentine’s Day cards are sent and received on an immensely more massive scale. It is the second holiday in the world on which cards are bought crazily. People give words to their feelings through these cards and convey it to those who have a special place in their life.

Malls and markets of USA on Valentine’s Day

Malls and markets wear a lively and cheerful look to attract customers. Shops are decked out in a unique way that they display the characteristic features of valentines day like heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, balloons, cupid with an arrow, etc. Besides, that people buy perfumes for their beloved.

How do People Spend Valentines’ Day in the USA?

how people spend valentines day in usa - Happy Valentine's Day in USA 2020

Special dinner are arranged

On the joyful occasion of valentine’s day special dinner are organized, somewhere it is a get-together of friends, somewhere family members get united and spend time together on a lavish meal. Some people avail the special offer given by restaurants that arrange special menus of valentines day with an exotic and romantic ambiance.

Music concerts and dance parties are organized

All over the country for the celebrations of Valentine’s Day music concerts are hosted in which the music lovers come and get amused. Besides shows, individual dance parties are held in which people display their dancing skills along with their partners. Some people hold private parties for the celebrations of Valentine’s Day, these parties are mostly owned by couples, and they usually arrange them in homes.

Valentine’s Day celebrations by kids in the USA

Valentine’s Day is not at all ignored by kids; they don’t lack behind in the celebrations of Valentine’s Day. In schools, such fun-filled activities are held that engage kids in new tasks that make them learn positivity and other great moral values.

Kids are engaged in performing songs, skits, dance and games children are stimulated to make cards for their family, friends, and teachers. Kids also make beautiful handmade cards for their teachers and parents.

valentines day in amercia - Happy Valentine's Day in USA 2020

Special Valentine’s Day activities are conducted in schools of USA

Valentine’s Day is an excellent event at schools in the USA. In school students are encouraged to make Valentine’s cards. Every student is asked to make a special box, and each student of the class has to put a tiny card in it. Games like musical chair are held, a party is contained in each level to promote friendship and love.

The festivity of valentines day by Family & Friends

Adults also show high energy level on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, they exchange gifts and cards and prefer to spend time together to double the fun. Children buy cards for their parents and siblings and parents also purchase presents in the form of candy-boxes and chocolates for their children. Distant relatives and friends are sent e-cards.

Couples celebrate valentines day in a traditional way

In the USA couples celebrate this day in a conventional and typical way. Candlelight dinners are the top-most choice of these couples, according to a research restaurant generate huge revenue on 14th of February. Wife, girl-friend or fiancée receives gifts like ring, necklace, perfumes and of course bouquets.

Men spend more money on gifts and presents, and women spend great money in buying valentine’s day cards. 85% of women ardently purchase Valentine’s Day Gifts.

‘Valentines isn’t my cup of tea’ how this category celebrate valentines day in the USA

Some people who won’t be anxious about this day, so they spend it the way they like. They plan the holiday in a way that they can amuse themselves as much as they can. Such as many love to stay at home and then they order pizza, enjoy their favorite show and feel pleased this way. It is not necessary that only singles do not celebrate this day rather many think that it is pointless to celebrate when you feel like being forced to buy gifts for someone. Well everyone has a right to opine there always two sides to see the things.

So that is how Happy Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the USA, the central point is love should be celebrated because it needs to be attended, nourished and needs to be well taken care of. When you express love, then you provide oxygen to the relationships because expression of gratitude and acknowledgments strengthen the bond.

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