Happy Valentine’s Day in Venice 2020

The day of love and acknowledgments is approaching, like the other counties and regions of the world the celebrations of Valentine’s Day in Italy go on a full spring. The two areas of Italy are wildly famous for the lively and romantic festivities of Valentine’s Day, Verona and Venice.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Venice 2020

happy valentines day in venice - Happy Valentine’s Day in Venice 2020

Venice is considered a symbol of affection and deep passion for love. A majority of people every year plan to head up to Venice for seeing and for making their valentine’s day a remarkable one. What people find attractive about Venice is its magnificent panoramas and secondly the unique special themed events. Venice is famous for Valentine’s Day because of its favorite spots like Venetian carnival, canals, bridges and beautiful buildings.

Some people love to dig more in-depth about the history of Venice on Valentine’s Day, and for this, they opt for Casanova and seek the details step by step by taking exciting tours.

Ride on a boat, lovely candlelight dinners in a luxurious ambiance of high-profile restaurants are some of the chief glimpses of how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Venice. The best treat for valentines is a Gondola ride, the majority of couples opt for this famous ride on Valentine’s Day.

Some people love to enjoy a show that is held in Avanspettacolo Theatre & Restaurant, a show with dinner makes a perfect night for the couples on valentine day. The unique thing about it is a grand gala dinner with all the mega-attractions of singers, dancers, musicians, and acrobats.

Some peace-lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day by watching a perfect sunset, for seeing this scene people usually go to Piazza San Marco to Zattere.

valentines day love venice - Happy Valentine’s Day in Venice 2020

How can we forget the opera house? Yes, La Fenice Opera House that is amongst the oldest opera houses in a whole world, watching a performance here with you dear one will be an alluring one on valentines day.

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You should also plan the coming valentine day in Venice; it is better to spend one whole week in Venice so you could explore the city of love in a detailed way.

The places in Venice are not just historical but romantic too, so exploring Venice with your beloved will be an unforgettable venture of Valentine’s Day.

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