Happy Valentine’s Day lesson plans

Valentine’s day lesson plans are something about those useful activities that will not just provide a playful ambiance to students but also a great way of learning in a very light way. If you as a teacher will add all this in your lesson plan, then trust me you are going to teach your students precious values.

Happy Valentine’s Day lesson plans 2020

happy valentines day lesson plans - Happy Valentine’s Day lesson plans

So take a look at what kind of lesson plans could be of valentines day

Learning of Compound Word Heart Match

In this lesson, a student will be asked to make compound words, by matching the half heart with another half piece of spirit they will be able to form compound words.

Learning of Friendship Hearts

In this activity, you will direct the students to take paper hearts and pen down praises and compliments about the other students of the class. Hang these hearts on a student’s desk with a piece of crepe paper

happy valentines day school college lesson - Happy Valentine’s Day lesson plans

Make Friendship Poster

Instruct the students to make friendship posters by allowing them to use Microsoft Word. Students will form the phrases by using WordArt program after that ask them to create a sign by arranging these phrases on a construction paper.

A skill of Graphing along with Conversation Hearts

This activity is helpful in improving the graphing abilities of the students, ask them to utilize the conversation hearts, they will need to graph keeping in mind how many and of which color of hearts are there on their desks. After accomplishing it, a delicious feast will be there for them.

happy valentines day for kids - Happy Valentine’s Day lesson plans

Heart Healthy + Food Musical Chairs

This game will trigger the students to opt for healthy food items, an exciting game of musical chair assist them in selecting the food that has to be fit for their hearts and rejecting the unhealthy food.

My Favorite Valentine 

In this you will plan to engage your students in drawing a picture of a person whom they find best in the whole class, this will be done for a class book about that favorite valentine and him/her students also have to write few sentences that will explain why that person has been chosen?

Significance of Flowers

With this activity, you would plan to make the students understand how flowers beautifully convey the message of affection and companionship.

Word Family Arrows

In this exciting activity, you would plan a game in which students will be directed to match the right arrows with the word family objects.

Through these simple yet interesting lesson plans of Valentine day, students can be taught great moral values. Learning all these will enable them to produce a positive output. So the valentines day students can have a unique type of fun as candle-light dinners and getting a ring meanwhile is not their cup of tea but yes they need attention, friendship and time to be spent with great joy and adventure will teach them something fruitful.

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