Happy Valentine’s Day Proposal Statistics

Valentine day is a special day for the ones who are intended to be together officially as a couple shortly. A high majority of Americans especially plan to propose their loved one, or they do expect a proposal from their special ones. Valentine’s Day is said to be the ‘Lovey-dovey’ holiday that still has its momentum, the sales of chocolates, roses and bouquets and gifts reach a peak.

It’s not just couples who celebrate this day rather singles actively celebrate this day. It is a great day for women who wait so anxiously for a proposal from the expected person.

Happy Valentine’s Day Proposal Statistics 2020

Happy Valentines Day Proposal Statistics - Happy Valentine’s Day Proposal Statistics

According to the Census Bureau of United States, the sale of jewels because of the massive Valentine’s Day proposals had gone far to $4.4 billion. The rings of diamond, gold, and silver were so extensively sold to the ones who were expected to be a couple.

In the year 2013 six Million Proposals were recorded

In 2013 almost six million people of America had proposed to their chosen persons on Valentine’s Day. Fourteen billion marriages take place each year. It makes the 14th February that people find the best and the most appealing day to propose someone or to receive a proposal.

If you like someone and keep special feelings in your heart for him/her, then you can also opt for 14th Feb a valentine’s day. Think of the best ambiance that you can create for your better-half. This day surely has something in it that’s why a vast majority of people take it as a spur of the moment to invite someone in their lives forever.

Some propose on a candle-light dinner, and some create a more special ambiance by proposing in front a crowd with kneel-down position and a cap in hand manner. Everyone has his way to show his feelings but make sure you don’t go for the silly things like hiding a ring on a drink. Imagine what if she swallows the ring?

Approach that person with confidence and express your deep emotions of love and affection to the person who has been expecting it for so long.

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