Popular flower widely given on Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is a day when people give flowers to their loved ones for showing the emotions of love and affection. This tradition started prevailing in the era of 1700, during that time Charles II had introduced something about flowers and that was the ‘person language of flowers’ in Europe.

Since that time it has been practiced widely to give flowers as they are the best medium to express your feelings of love. On Valentine’s Day flowers along with chocolates are widely offered.

Popular flower widely given on Valentine’s Day

Popular flower widely given on Valentines Day - Popular flower widely given on Valentine’s Day

There are many flowers that are popular for valentines day, amongst them rose stands at the top position that are given to the loved ones on valentine’s day so extensively. There are more than 150 types of roses so there is immense diversity for you to pick up your desired one for valentine’s day.

Red roses are symbol of love

Red roses are considered the ultimate symbol of love, no matter on which nook of the world you dwell in rose doesn’t change its meaning, it signifies love. Red roses are also discussed in contemporary films and in romantic poetry. There was a Scottish poet who in his poetry has portrayed his love through red roses.

Red rose connotes Romance

Red rose indicates romance that is why on Valentine’s Day red roses are used to create the best romantic ambience. The bright red rose is a typical representation of romance and love for Valentine’s Day.

flowers on lovers day - Popular flower widely given on Valentine’s Day

Classic red goes for someone extraordinary

As there are many shades of roses and all of them denotes the different shades of emotions. The perfect red shade of rose designates to special feelings that one keeps for someone exceptional. On Valentine’s Day, red rose with a long stem is madly bought.

People on Valentine’s Day buy bouquets of red roses of long stems and please all the particular persons of their lives who are so very special for them. The ravishing red roses spread so many cheers and smile on valentines day. So pick up your desired shade of roses and give it to the ones who deserve it the most.

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