Types of flowers for Valentine’s Day

A flower is considered a beautiful way of expressing your affection and love and that is why from epochs this tiny heavenly aromatic thing is received and given across the globe widely.

It is the best way to convey your warmth of love to your loved ones that is why the use of flowers on an occasion of Valentine’s Day is always on a hike every year. Flowers have become the most significant and favorite gift of Valentine’s Day. There are some specific types of flowers for Valentine’s Day that are used extensively. We have amassed a tiny list of flowers that are popular for the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Types of flowers for Valentine’s Day

Take a quick look of these flowers that are popular for the celebration of 14th Feb:

types of flowers on valentines day - Types of flowers for Valentine’s Day


Carnation flowers are considered fascinating; they are available in many other dreamy colors. People choose their desired color on a valentines day and then give it to the person who deserves it the most. Give carnation to your loved one to turn their world full of fragrance.


Another name of ‘Alstroemeria’ is Peruvian Lily that is another popular flower that spreads its fragrance the most on Valentine’s Day. Its soft eye-popping shades of petals are considered a genuine treat for eyes. Even the few buds of it can make an excellent impression but if you are interested in giving a full bouquet, then you can do so for sure.


Who can beat rose? Of course, no one, rose always stands first. Especially women love to receive it from the most excepted one. It is an excellent expression of love and beauty. Though roses are available in multiple colors, it is a red color that attracts the most. You are free to choose out of the 150 varieties of it and fill your valentine day with an endless passion for roses.


What a heavenly beauty this flower carries in it, so delicate so exquisite indeed. This flower to is wildly used on an occasion of a valentine’s day. Its bouquets and buds are sold on a hike that day. Lily is available in many eye-catching colors like red, white, orange and pink.


Tulips are another lovely choice for all the people who celebrate love on a valentine’s day. They are profoundly loved and liked by the sender and a receiver at the same time. It makes the whole ambiance so exotic when you place a few buds of it in a vase. It is a beautiful way of expressing your deep inner feelings to your beloved partner.

No matter what your age is love never gets old, instead of by the passage of time it enhances, it hikes up and it purifies, all you need is to keep nourishing your passion. Love is sustained by expressing your love in a most enchanting way. Thus flowers have been used for the celebration of 14th Feb on which a valentine’s day is celebrated. So as it is coming ahead make up your mind to choose the flower that matches with his/her personality and please the most critical person of your life.

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