Valentine’s Day Fun Facts and Superstitions

Get in the mood for love Using Valentine’s day Fun facts regarding the holiday that is sweetest by Kathleen Davis. Why are crimson roses so favorite? Just how many candy hearts have been produced each year? And most important, the number of single guys is out there? Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are steadfastly unmarried or joyfully coupled up, odds are you own a thing or two to know about love. Continue reading for surprising, entertaining facts and superstitions relating to this valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts and Superstitions 2020

valentines day fun facts and superstitions - Valentine's Day Fun Facts and Superstitions

1. In the drama of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, it’s stated they lived in Verona Italy. Each Year thousands of Valentine’s Day cards sent to Verona addressed to Juliet.

2. 60 percent of America’s red roses Are developed in the state of California

3. At least 9 million individuals Purchase their pets a present on Valentine’s Day.

4. In Wales, wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on Valentine’s Day. Hearts, keys, and keyholes were favorite Valentine ornaments onto the strands. These symbols supposed the heart could be unlocked for love.

5. 1 single perfect red rose framed with baby’s breath is known by a few wineries as a”signature increased,” and is the favorite selection for many for giving on Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or birthday.

6. The Most Well-known fans of all time are Romeo and Juliet. Both of these personalities were created of this pen of William Shakespeare at the end of the 16th century. Regardless of the centuries and decades which have passed, a town of Verona, in Italy, in which both fans lived in the drama, receives tens of thousands of letters addressed to Juliet each year.

7. From the Middle Ages, youthful People drew names to see that their Valentine are. They’d wear the title glued to their sleeves for a week so that everybody would understand their assumed true feelings.

8. There are 119 single Guys –not married, widowed or divorced–in their 20s for every 100 single women of the same age.

9. According to the Greeting Card Association, 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the next most popular greeting card giving event, following Christmas.

10. Since blood is red and humans Once believed the heart was the middle of feelings, red became the color of Valentine’s Day.

11. Among the legends of Valentine’s Day states the Roman emperor, Claudius 11, prohibited union during the war period. A priest called Valentine (some state a Bishop) continued to wed and was detained and jailed because of his”crime.” In prison, he delivered the jailor’s daughter a note and signed it” from your Valentine.” He was finally sentenced to death on February 14th.

12. In general, $18.2 billion is currently spent Valentine’s Day every year. The average guy spends 150; the average woman spends 74. Approximately 9 million individuals will buy a Valentine present for a pet.

13. Chocolates are a favorite gift option for Valentine’s Day. We frequently find those heart-shaped boxes on retail shelves before the Christmas clearance signals even move up.

14. Historians inform us that doctors in the 1800s advised their patients to consume chocolate to calm their pinings for missing love.

15. Ginger raises the brain’s level of serotonin, the feel-good compound. From the mid-1800s, Richard Cadbury made the very first box of chocolates, especially for Valentine’s Day. He made the heart-shaped boxes himself, adorned with roses and Cupids. Whether we buy the chocolate to celebrate love or mourn the absence of it

16. Americans spend $1 billion on Valentine’s Day chocolates every year.

17. Flowers Stay the most popular gift of Valentine’s Day, together with red roses topping the record of intimate blooms. Americans will buy 220 million stalks of roses because of their Valentines this season.

18. One of All the men and women who get Valentine’s Day cards, it is believed that teachers may receive the maximum! Consider it – if each student gives their instructor a card, that is around 30 cards which instructor might get!

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