Valentine’s Day in France Facts

History of Valentine’s Day Festival includes a strong affiliation with France. It’s said that throughout the Middle Ages, there was a widespread belief in France and England that birds started to mate halfway during the next month of this year. Because of this lovers watched the day unique and believed it reassuring to swap love letters and tokens of love Valentine’s Day. During fourteenth and fifteenth century, both English and French poets and litterateurs overly stressed on this thought and created a romantic picture of the day from the minds of these people.

Valentine’s Day (“La Saint-Valentin,” in French), on February 14th, is a Party of love for couples from some countries across the World. This is particularly true in France! When Many couples celebrate Valentine’s Day Each Year, its roots remain unknown to most of us

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Valentine’s Day in France Facts 2020

Throughout the Middle Ages, the French thought that birds started to mate mid-February. Because of these fans exchanged tokens of love 14 February, the saint’s day.

valentines day in france facts - Valentine's Day in France Facts

Individuals in France formerly had a Valentine’s Day habit of “one loterie d’amour” (drawing for) where unmarried people called out in their windows to match. A bonfire was lit in the close of the day where women burned pictures of those fans who abandoned them throughout the day and hurl abuse. The clinic was banned from the nation.

The first Valentine’s Day card (carte d’amities) is said to have been composed from the young French Duke of Orleans to his wife from his imprisonment in the Tower of London.

Spiritual Pilgrims go to the fairly Indre village of St Valentin, which will be called after the saint, on the day. Additionally, many romantics go there, and the town has created a name for itself about love announcing itself that the’Village of’ Love.’ Each year there’s a festival on February 14th when the entire village has been decked out with flowers (red roses being preferred ). You can get married in the garden at the gazebo, pin your love notes around the Tree of Vows, plant a shrub which will flourish or commemorate your love on the Tree of Eternal Hearts.

One thousand five hundred years have passed. These days, Valentine’s Day is a popular party in several nations, especially France where many gifts are swapped by “lovebirds,” to show each other their mutual love. According to a recent survey, 71 percent of French Men and Women celebrate Valentine’s Day, spending roughly fifty euros each on gifts for example flowers, jewelry or a romantic supper.

Men and Women in France after followed a strange Valentine’s Day Custom referred to as”drawing for.” Unmarried older and young folks would enter Homes start calling out from 1 window to and facing each other Another and set off with their partner. When the man collapsed to be He would desert her. A bonfire Would be lit where women would burn pictures of the lovers that were ungrateful And hurl abuses. The ritual was finally abandoned as it abandoned Space for ridicule and nastiness. Authorities handed-down that a decree and Banned the habit.

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