Valentine’s Day restaurant statistics

Valentine’s Day is said to be the most romantic holiday on which restaurants earn massively. The massive majority of people go for a romantic dine-in. Valentine’s Day is the only holiday that pulls people to restaurants.

There was a research done by NRA that is a National Restaurant Association that says one-third of American adults pleased to receive an invitation from a restaurant as a Valentine’s Day celebrations. Amongst these adults, there is the number of men and boys that are more inclined to dine-in restaurants than to receive any other Valentine gifts.

Valentine’s Day restaurant statistics 2020

valentines day restaurant statistics - Valentine’s Day restaurant statistics

21% of people opt for a romantic valentine day ambiance in the restaurant, this ratio of people also select the restaurants that come with the attractive offer of special menus. In the year 2015 in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco made an average check of $286.56.

Couples in San Francisco consumed almost $328.60 in one year, the highest numbers of people that visited a restaurant on a valentine’s day were once reached to two million. On Valentine’s Day, 81% of reservations are finalized for tables for two.

Valentine’s day makes people especially express their feelings of love. The celebration of Valentine’s Day is somewhat different from region to region. Such as in Japan for showing intimation Honmei chocolates are sent to someone special friends, and Giri Chocolates are given to friends and colleagues.

happy valentines day restaurants facts - Valentine’s Day restaurant statistics

On Valentine’s Day everywhere you get to see the heavenly roses of pink and red colors, the statues and images of cupids with all the bows and arrows as these are the typical attributes of love, affection, and romance. It’s the mythology that says this arrow strikes people’s heart. Man and woman who fall in love are assumed to be hit and smitten by cupid’s arrow. So the day promises to nourish the kind emotions of affection, acknowledgment, and appreciation.

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Valentine’s day statistics

Valentine’s day statistics 2020

It can easily be noticed world-wide that restaurants are chosen as the best way to show love and adoration. Though it is not a public holiday in several countries such as in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Still, restaurants are found fully-packed on this day every year.

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