Weird facts about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner, people who ardently celebrate this day plan earlier as for how would they celebrate this day. Celebrations of this day are almost the same in all the nooks of the world. There are some tiny and weird details regarding valentine’s day. It will be fun knowing them.

Weird facts about Valentine’s Day

weird facts about valentines day - Weird facts about Valentine’s Day

Take a look at these weird and fun-filled facts:

1. Valentine’s day began in the result of a rebel done by Saint Valentine who didn’t obey the emperor of that times ‘Claudius II’ who had forbidden strictly the Roman men to not to get married during time of war, Saint Valentine performed and conducted their marriages secretly.

2. You know who receives the most wishes of Valentine’s Day? Teachers tend to receive the valentines wishes a lot. They receive these wishes from students, colleagues, mothers, sweethearts and wives.

3. More than fifty percent of Valentine’s Day cards are sold six days before the 14th

4. The greatest buyer of valentine day cards is women, almost 85% women purchase cards.

5. According to BBC report there is a nationalist belongs to India, named as Shiv Cena he is a representative of his party who spoke against the celebrations of Valentine’s Day as he finds it a mere distraction for Indian youth.

6. In Japan it is women who buy chocolates along with gifts for men on 14th Whereas Men return this favor on 14th of March.

7. Germans express their love by saying “Ich liebe dich” that means I Love You.

8. Valentine’s Day is everywhere celebrated on 14th of February but in Brazil it is celebrated in 12th of June.

9. There is one institution in the world where certain squad of academic specialists is appointed for enlightening and instructing the media about Valentine’s Day, yes a University of Maryland has come up with this idea.

10. The concept of love has been associating with red roses since Ancient Rome.

happy valentines day interesting facts - Weird facts about Valentine’s Day

Some people like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a vibrant and electrifying way; some want to spend this day simply. The key is to get united, revitalize your relationships by expressing gentle gestures.

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