what’s the purpose of valentine’s day

The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love and affection. In the dull and drab routine of life, Happy Valentine’s Day provides you that golden opportunity to revitalize and renew your love with your loved ones. If you are interested in someone, then you can make the best use out of this day, through kind gestures, exchange of presents with a personal note wrapped up in deep and pure emotion you can convey your feelings to that person.

Purpose of Happy Valentine’s Day

what is the purpose of valentines day - what's the purpose of valentine's day

To celebrate love

Central theme and purpose behind the day are to feel blessed with a notion that to love and to be loved is a beautiful feeling. It is also associated with the meeting up of birds as it is said to be the season where birds flight together and get to meet their mate. In Europe and America, the holiday on behalf of this day has turned out to be standard practice.

To remind your loved ones that they care           

This day isn’t between the two immature minds who are supposed to bill and coo. Instead this day you give a reminder to all those relations who are dear to you, and you with the beautiful love gestures tell them how much they genuinely care.

To strengthen commitments and promises

It is also one of the purposes of Valentine’s Day that you tend to make all the promises both said or unsaid really strong and by spending time with your dear ones you assure them that you will keep all the commitments.

love on v day - what's the purpose of valentine's day

To make time for Love and loved ones

This day is exclusively for the celebration of love so this is also the purpose of valentines day that despite all the busyness of life you haven’t forgotten the people who are very special for you and you are there to make time for them. You make them feel how important they are for you, the bombardment of life’s tasks couldn’t hold you back for arranging some great moments of love with them.

Love always needs to be expressed; relationships need to be nourished with the water of love otherwise the will fade away.

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