Why Valentine’s Day is celebrated? – History and Celebration

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration; it is a time when people express their feelings of love, warmness and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 each year. Then the question is why it is observed, stated down are a few lovely reasons for its worthiness.

Why Valentine’s day is Celebrated?

There are some reasons and exciting history behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

why valentines day is celebrated - Why Valentine’s Day is celebrated? - History and Celebration

It has a Charming History:

Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating as its fascinating history has some logical attestations that love is in human instinct. The story of St Valentine, a Roman priest who was martyred on or around February 14 in the year 270 CE. How he became the patron saint of lovers is no doubt mesmerizing and fabulous flashbacks of past.

This day is celebrated by everyone:

For the celebration of this one is not supposed to be married instead it is observed by those too who are not married, yet they are committed that they will stay together forever.

If you are not in any relationship even then you can celebrate the joys of friendship with your female friends; it will be equally ardent. Dressing up, eating delicious food and having hilarious conversations with lady friends always trump spending February 14th with a deep passion of love.

Go out and buy beautiful dress for your valentine’s day instead of keeping yourself in the bizarre hold-up of expecting from your partner. First love with yourself, treat yourself lavishly and then buy a gift for him or her. It will embark upon confidence and positive energy in you. If you have an excellent partner, then you already know that you should try to show your gratitude for him to whom you deeply love, then you have a perfect reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Love needs to be celebrated:

Whether you’re currently in love, you’ve never been in love, or being in love has always ended painfully for you, the fact is, there’s nothing more universally human than love. Love stimulates some of the best books, films, songs, and paintings. Love creates families. Love defies logic.

Intimacy can mean a lot of things to different people. It can be emotional closeness, physical touch, and spiritual bonding. All of which are essential attributes of a sound relationship.

People celebrate this day because it is a day of expectations

It is easy for you to get your priorities in order on Valentine’s Day. You will have a better awareness of knowing that why you are in love and whether it is a love or not and what makes other people in your life so meaningful. You can see your family, friends and lover on a level of preference.

People want to be claimed deliberately by their loved ones:

It is the best day around a year on which you can show your appreciation and thanks to him or her to be in your life. You can use this day to show affection to anyone in your life. These include your parents for their support and love, your siblings for their love and understanding and even your kids. Above all this day is celebrated because people want to be claimed by the ones who love them.

If you love someone, then claim it didactically as this beautifies the love. That’s why this day is celebrated with great razzmatazz. People exchange gifts with one another as to them it seems the most appropriate way to tell they love each other.

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